Relaunching TrendLab

Originally TrendLab started as a weekly trendspotting effort, empowering everyone within RAVE to share what was currently capturing our attention. The latest Netflix series, a newly discovered band, a recipe that didn’t turn out quite right, or sneaker fashions; everything was fair game.

The goal was to identify upcoming trends that would end up dominating the world around us. Things that the brands we serve should be aware of. By discussing personal likes and dislikes, as well as things dominating the larger social consciousness, we would better position ourselves to be successful creatives.

Here’s What to Expect

Each and every Thursday we’ll share a new TrendLab email. Each one will contain original stories about the major new trends we’ve identified along with insights into what we’re reading, the events we are attending, and the things we’re looking forward to—and what we really wish would go away.

Let’s Get Started, Shall We?


The Malloreon: The second series from fantasy author David Eddings; it is a direct sequel to The Belgariad series. In a setting not too dissimilar from Tolkein’s Middle-Earth, the young farm hand, Garion, finds his quiet life suddenly thrown into chaos as he is forced to embark on a world-spanning adventure with a diverse cast of characters all in the hopes of ending the world conquering aspirations of the dark god, Torak.


The 1619 Project: A multi-media production from The New York Times, 1619 tells the story of slavery in America. It reveals the influence it had on the founding of our nation and how it has continued to impact the development of our country over the past 400 years. A podcast, a series of essays, a multitude of photographs, and more combine to paint a picture of who we, as American, truly are.


Marianne: SPOOKY SEASON APPROACHES! And in advance of that Netflix has released this all new French horror series. Emma, a horror novelist, returns to her hometown (with her assistant, Emma, in tow) after receiving a spine-chilling warning from an old friend moments before taking her own life. The two quickly discover that not only is there some sort of dark presence hanging over the town, but that it somehow seems to be related to Marianne the witch, the primary antagonist from Emma’s award-winning book series. Trust us when we say to stick with the original French dialogue with accompanying captions, there’s a pretty big drop in quality with the English translations so they’re best avoided in this case.

The Righteous Gemstones: HBO’s new comedy series centered around an unholy family of televangelists has us rolling with laughter. John Goodman, Danny McBride, Edi Patterson, Adam Devine, Cassidy Freeman, Tony Cavalero, Tim Baltz and Greg Alan Williams all shine in their respective rolls. Filled with devilishly good fun and plenty of plot twists, this series will keep you on your toes.


Ohio State Football Watch Parties: The Buckeyes take on their neighbors from out west as the Miami Red Hawks come to town. It’s not lining up to be close from a sporting perspective, but that just means the focus will be more so on the food, drinks, and company. Whether it’s a parking lot tailgate, at a neighborhood bar, or gathered around the tv at home, Columbus knows how to throw a party around the Scarlet and Gray.

Excited for:

Columbus Crew v Philadelphia Union: Things on the field this season haven’t exactly gone to plan when it comes to the Crew, but off the field it’s a whole different story. We’ll be bidding farewell to a forgettable record, while also celebrating the pending groundbreaking for the new stadium. Make sure to arrive plenty early for all the tailgating revelry and then join us inside Mapfre for the 5pm kickoff of the final home game for the season that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Not Feelin’ it:

Christmas decorations. Shame on you Home Depot, it’s only mid-September!