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  1. The Joe Rogan Experience, Ep. 1015 with Reggie Watts: Great section on their thoughts on the future of AR and VR
  2. Ear Hustle: Stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it.
  3. Adobe Max Sessions: Feeling pretty smart after listening to these. Lots of good tips on navigating the new CC 2018 updates.


  1. Stranger Things: Obviously some spooky stuff on our screens. No spoilers please!
  2. Mr. Robot
  3. The Office: Repeat binge-worthy.
  4. SNL Papyrus: We feel you. Papyrus haunts us all.

Hating: Gray skies. With an office in the clouds, its hard not to feel some extra gloom on gray days.


  1. AAF Breweries and Branding
  2. CSCA: Louise Fili
  3. Ohio Renaissance Festival
  4. Sprout Social Partner Day
  5. #SaveTheCrew Rally

Excited for: Thanksgiving!