More than 50 employees at Three Square Market have opted in to having a microchip implanted between their thumb and pointer finger.

The chip allows employees to swipe into doors, pay for food, and anything else with RFID technology at the company. Employees would never have to carry a key card or wallet, but at what cost?

We’re spilt on the scariness factor here at RAVE. But we agree to many questions faced with the future of microchipping. What happens when you quit the company? Who controls the microchip? Is the information secure? Does it have long term side effects? Is the money linked to your paycheck? Are you ready for companies to literally get under your skin?

There are lots of factors to work out in this new world of microchips.

You can’t argue with the convenience though. Wearable technology is on the rise, as we become more and more tied to our technology. Constantly trying to find new ways to carry the world wide web in a better fashion. Putting it under our skin is an option we’ve all probably thought about, and the folks at Three Square Market are doing.

“Once they are implanted, it’s very hard to predict or stop a future widening of their usage”

Microchip implants could start being used for everything from memberships to parking passes to credit cards.

While it would be super cool to wave a hand and open a door like a Jedi, there probably won’t be microchips in RAVE’s future. Too many sci-fi movie type scenarios to worry about for us. We’ll stick to keeping that technology in our pockets for a while.