New independent type foundry XYZ is generating quite the buzz. A fun interactive website, plus free trials on the fonts. And if you’re feeling like their Export font is a little odd, designer Jesse Ragan agrees, saying “Life is more fun when we take advantage of opportunities to use a weird face, right?”

Not so good on our type resource list? Mixfont. While the concept of a font pairing generator could be helpful, this particular algorithm is a bit too random for our taste. Open source fonts from Google Fonts plus randomized Unsplash photo backgrounds create lots of options, but with no search customization options, its hard to find pairings that actually work together. Maybe we should leave the careful combination of fonts and photos to designers, not randomization. That way you don’t end up with a strange mix of small caps body copy with unreadable script headlines over a hazy cactus image representing your brand.