Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the fast track to becoming a big part of our everyday lives. AI can collect, understand, and analyze data faster than any human. As advertisers, we can use this information to understand our target audiences better and market to them more effectively. Learning more and more about our consumers eventually raises a big ethical dilemma. This example from AdAge really got us thinking:

“For example, most would agree it’s acceptable to leverage AI to target a consumer who shows interest in sports cars. But what if you also knew that consumer was deep in debt and lacked impulse control, had multiple moving violations, and had a history of drug and alcohol abuse? Is it still okay to market a fast car to this person, in a way that would make it nearly irresistible?”

This question is something that a lot of us at RAVE hadn’t thought much about yet. So, what does one do when they’re faced with this information? If AI hadn’t discovered the rest of the information and only knew the consumer was interest in sports cars, of course this person would still be marketed to. It’s a difficult situation to be put into but one that the industry will be facing in the future.