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RAVE TrendLab Report October 3, 2019

Here Comes the Wearable Tech Revolution

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Here Comes the Wearable Tech Revolution Wearable tech isn’t anything new. We’ve had smart watches for years now and bluetooth headphones before that, With traditional versions of both of these…
TrendLab September 26, 2019

TrendLab Report September 26, 2019

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A Wave of Grassroots Activism Everyone is susceptible to the sway of popular trends, but young people may be more so than anyone else. Ignited by many high profile causes,…
RAVE TrendLab Report September 19, 2019

TrendLab Report September 19, 2019

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Relaunching TrendLab Originally TrendLab started as a weekly trendspotting effort, empowering everyone within RAVE to share what was currently capturing our attention. The latest Netflix series, a newly discovered band, a recipe…

TrendLab Report – October

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Reading: Daily marketing content newsletter via The Daily Carnage Listening: The Joe Rogan Experience, Ep. 1015 with Reggie Watts: Great section on their thoughts on the future of AR and VR Ear…