Breaking Bad Finale

Breaking BadWe started our workday with the Breaking Bad finale. Walter White for the win.

Instagram Video Length is no Accident

Quartz published a very interesting opinion on why the new Instagram video service tops out at 15 seconds (compared to Vine’s 6 second videos), citing 15 seconds as the length of a short TV commercial. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has long sought new ways to monetize digital content. This could very well be a play into the ad […]

Our Adobe Creative Cloud Impressions

Much ado has been made about Adobe’s switch to a cloud based system and their decision to only offer subscription licensing. Slightly more than a year ago, when the Adobe Creative Cloud option was first announced for Creative Suite 6, we jumped on board and haven’t ever looked back.

Legacy RED Workflow

I was looking back through some old files and came across this post workflow diagram I created for the RED seemingly ages ago in 2009. Though it is only a couple years old, a lot has changed in our RED workflow.

Blinky Eyes Animation Experiment

We created this little guy as an expression driven stop motion effect test in After Effects. Layer visibility and movement is determined using an expression slider’s position which is in turn controlled at the highest level by checkbox controllers.

Stop Motion to Chicago

We drove to Chicago and made this little short on the way. The entire piece was created in the car. The only thing we figured out before setting off on our journey was we wanted to do something with clay. Several blocks of Super Sculpey in various colors, wax paper, paperclips and gaff tape were […]

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat, Literally

I stopped for coffee recently at a little drive-thru place. The coffee was pretty good, the employee was polite, and the service was quick. But the experience of pulling up to the window left a lasting memory.


Über Connected I’m a technogeek and am rarely out of the reach of a high-speed connection of one kind or another. This means that I’m always connected through email, phones, instant messenger, sms, rss, social networking websites…

3 Productivity Tools We Use

We do a wide spectrum of projects so I’m not going to expound on every software package we use for for film compositing or logo design. Instead I’ve listed 3 productivity tools that we use on a daily basis to keep us creative, focused and in the loop.