Building a Second Brain

Building a Second Brain

Right now we’re reading, and highly recommend, the book Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte. This is a must read for anyone who wants to improve their personal and professional organization all while improving their creative output. Recent Photos from the Stream

IAM Robotics Website Refresh

The Challenge IAM Robotics needed a full website refresh after several years of a languishing design. Additionally the new site needed to tightly integrate with their existing marketing and sales systems. They chose us both for our extensive experience working with high tech clients as well as our expertise in developing story driven websites that […]

Why We Are Leaving Instagram for Our Own Photo Stream

Leaving Instagram

Editorial Note: I posted a short thread about why RAVE is leaving Instagram to my personal Twitter page yesterday. However, I wanted to share more detail on the core ideas behind our decision. So this article was born. Basic Background As the leader of our marketing firm/advertising agency I continually look for exploitable thought gaps, […]

IAM Robotics Interactive Video

IAM Robotics Interactive Video

The Challenge IAM Robotics tasked us with developing an interactive video that showcased their products in action within a warehouse environment for use in a trade show as well as on their website. The video had to be interactive, with areas that could be touched (on tablet/mobile) or clicked on a desktop. In addition to […]

Small Business COVID Assistance Promo

Small business COVID relief promo

There is no doubt that COVID is dramatically impacting businesses of all sizes. In order to help small businesses out during this trying and unprecedented time we’re offering a COVID assistance promo for Agency Products. Use the code socialsmb to take 15% off orders of $20.00 or more. This offer applies to web hosting, site domains, and […]

Here Comes the Wearable Tech Revolution

RAVE TrendLab Report October 3, 2019

Here Comes the Wearable Tech Revolution Wearable tech isn’t anything new. We’ve had smart watches for years now and bluetooth headphones before that, With traditional versions of both of these devices for far longer. Innovations like shoes that track a runner’s speed, distance, and form have become fairly common in the last ten years. The […]

Understanding and Leveraging Owned Media

Understanding and leveraging owned media

Owned Media Overview Owned media comprises all of the channels that a brand exercises complete control over. This includes websites, blogs, email marketing newsletters, podcasts, apps, etc… These channels provides customers a way to interact with brands through content that is unique, and enables brands direct access to their audience. If you want to lead […]

TrendLab Report September 26, 2019

TrendLab September 26, 2019A Wave of Grassroots Activism Everyone is susceptible to the sway of popular trends, but young people may be more so than anyone else. Ignited by many high profile causes, [...]

TrendLab Report September 19, 2019

RAVE TrendLab Report September 19, 2019

Relaunching TrendLab Originally TrendLab started as a weekly trendspotting effort, empowering everyone within RAVE to share what was currently capturing our attention. The latest Netflix series, a newly discovered band, a recipe that didn’t turn out quite right, or sneaker fashions; everything was fair game. The goal was to identify upcoming trends that would end up dominating the […]