TrendLab Report September 19, 2019

RAVE TrendLab Report September 19, 2019

Relaunching TrendLab Originally TrendLab started as a weekly trendspotting effort, empowering everyone within RAVE to share what was currently capturing our attention. The latest Netflix series, a newly discovered band, a recipe that didn’t turn out quite right, or sneaker fashions; everything was fair game. The goal was to identify upcoming trends that would end up dominating the […]

TrendLab Report – October

Reading: Daily marketing content newsletter via The Daily Carnage Listening: The Joe Rogan Experience, Ep. 1015 with Reggie Watts: Great section on their thoughts on the future of AR and VR Ear Hustle: Stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it. Adobe Max Sessions: Feeling pretty smart after listening to these. Lots of […]

TrendLab Report – September

Reading: re-reading Ender’s Game Listening: My Bubba & Elsa Sjunger Visor // Sing Swedish Songs Watching: IT, The Deuce Hating: #PSL Attending: Advertising Week NYC, Creative Babes: Unplugged Excited for: Stranger Things, the return of Mr. Robot, our halloween office party, and all things fall (except you PSL).

TrendLab Report – August

Reading: The rules of Muchkin. Over and over…and over again Listening: The Hobbit on Audiobook, and Beast Epic -Iron&Wine Watching: Ozark and the solar eclipse! Hating: The end of summer Attending: Rise&Design, AAF Happy Hour: Beers with your Peers, Columbus Crew Games Excited for: Advertising Week

TrendLab Report – July

Reading: How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp Listening: Revolving Doors – 99% Invisible Episode 93 Watching: Penultimate season of Game of Thrones Hating: The idea of a Fruit Ninja movie Attending: Making Midwest Fest, AAF Columbus AdFun at Makeway Excited for: Our really fast internet being installed