It’s been gold, PyeongChang.

Olympic Rings

The olympics are about waaaaay more than just sports. Obviously. So, as the games wrap up, we thought we’d wrap up all the non-sports stuff for all the advertisers, designers, and tech geeks in the room.  Branding The simplistic symbols represent both the alphabet and theme of the events. The box element representing the “P” […]

Have no fear, Instagram scheduling is here!

Instagram scheduling from Sprout Social

You guys, this is huge Instagram news. Instagram recently announced a change to its API – which will now allow businesses to schedule posts, see public posts that they are tagged or mentioned in, and view other business profiles. Post scheduling is limited to single image posts and isn’t directly available with Instagram itself – […]

RAVE Takes Third in the 2017 Sprout Partner Value Awards

Sprout Social Agency Partner Value Awards

RAVE Honored With Third-Place in the 2017 Sprout Partner Value Awards From Sprout Social RAVE has been recognized by Sprout Social, in the first annual Sprout Partner Value Awards, for our agency’s work with the grassroots #SaveTheCrew movement. In taking home this award, RAVE beat out other top social media, marketing and advertising agencies from around […]

Sendio Email Emergency Micro Campaign

Sendio Email Emergency Factsheet

The Challenge The CEO of Sendio received a last minute opportunity to present at the FUND Conference with the added bonus that the company could include something into attendee gift bags. The company didn’t have anything ready made, and we would have less than two weeks to deliver a concept that would stand out in […]

Twitter Metamorphosis

Twitter changing quickly

Earlier this week Derek Thompson of The Atlantic posted an article titled The Unbearable Lightness of Tweeting in which the author claims that Twitter does little to generate website clickthroughs. There was one line in his article that really grabbed our attention, “Every good media organization knows that the road to traffic leads through Facebook rather than Twitter.” […]

Even More Facebook Metric Flaws Reported

Facebook misrepresents metrics again

Again Facebook? The social media behemoth has once again, for the third time since September, announced errors in their measurements. The engagement numbers for links and live videos were misreported. This affected the engagement figures Facebook reports for off-Facebook links as well as reaction counts on Pages’ Live videos. A History of Bad Data Prior to this […]

Instagram is Key for Brands

There is no question that brands should be creating or continuing a strategy for Instagram. The once niche photo sharing app has become a ubiquitous and powerful tool for brands [...]

Memes Don’t Belong on LinkedIn

Decent of the Memes We’ve all see this horrifying trend spread across Facebook and Twitter like a plague of sweaty buzzard-monkeys. This me-too pandemic, filled with trite images paired with funny or (even worse) inspirational sayings, has completely overrun social sharing sites.

Company Updates Fare Better on LinkedIn than Facebook

The Facebook Story Recently we posted a New Years update to our Facebook business page which was viewed by a whopping 1% of our fans (6 in total) over the course of 5 days. Ever since Facebook added the option to Boost Posts, the organic reach of our content has completely died.

Instagram Video Length is no Accident

Quartz published a very interesting opinion on why the new Instagram video service tops out at 15 seconds (compared to Vine’s 6 second videos), citing 15 seconds as the length of a short TV commercial. Facebook, which owns Instagram, has long sought new ways to monetize digital content. This could very well be a play into the ad […]