It’s been gold, PyeongChang.

Olympic Rings

The olympics are about waaaaay more than just sports. Obviously. So, as the games wrap up, we thought we’d wrap up all the non-sports stuff for all the advertisers, designers, and tech geeks in the room.  Branding The simplistic symbols represent both the alphabet and theme of the events. The box element representing the “P” […]

Have no fear, Instagram scheduling is here!

Instagram scheduling from Sprout Social

You guys, this is huge Instagram news. Instagram recently announced a change to its API – which will now allow businesses to schedule posts, see public posts that they are tagged or mentioned in, and view other business profiles. Post scheduling is limited to single image posts and isn’t directly available with Instagram itself – […]

B2B Marketing Strategy Tips

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is hard, right? Actually, B2B marketing is not as difficult as one might think. Knowing your customer’s journey is beneficial when tackling a B2B marketing strategy. Customers first become aware of a product via marketing campaigns, leading to their interest. During the interest stage, potential customers start to learn about the company and […]

How Brands are Marketing with Chatbots in Messaging

chatbots and messaging apps

Communication is Everything Being connected is an essential part of our daily lives. We are constantly updating statuses, posting photos, and sending out tweets. Text messaging took off in 2002 and we haven’t looked back since. IAB came out with a report discussing using chatbots to market within messaging. What is the definition of messaging? […]

Creative Inspiration Everywhere

Image by Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

Several weeks ago during AAF Columbus’ event ‘A Night For Creatives’ David Sonderman, EVP, Executive Creative Director at GSW, mentioned the importance of finding creative inspiration from around the globe. In the closing Q&A session a student asked him for some ideas on where they could find creative work from around the world. David quickly named a […]

Local Advertising Consistently Lacks Polish

Curiously I’ve always been shocked at the low production values, and usually writing, that goes into local advertising. Market size doesn’t seem to matter, even in major metro areas local advertising consistently lacks polish are just as poorly conceived and executed as advertising in small town markets.