More Emotional Intelligence Makes Better Employees

Some lucky people have a higher emotional intelligence (EQ) naturally, but the rest of us have some work to do. According to TalentSmart President Dr. Travis Bradberry, we could all use some emotional intelligence improvement. With that improvement comes a pay raise. Those with higher EQ make an estimated $29,000 more than those who don’t. […]

Creative Inspiration Everywhere

Image by Timothy Hyunsoo Lee

Several weeks ago during AAF Columbus’ event ‘A Night For Creatives’ David Sonderman, EVP, Executive Creative Director at GSW, mentioned the importance of finding creative inspiration from around the globe. In the closing Q&A session a student asked him for some ideas on where they could find creative work from around the world. David quickly named a […]


Über Connected I’m a technogeek and am rarely out of the reach of a high-speed connection of one kind or another. This means that I’m always connected through email, phones, instant messenger, sms, rss, social networking websites…

Give Your Digital Filing System a Complete Physical

Complete Physical In an earlier post we talked about cleaning off your digital desktop, this time we’re going to look at how you can give your digital filing system a complete physical. We’ll be basing this around projects and clients, but will a little imagination you can port this over to your heaps of photos and that […]

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes As a regular habit we choose to just say yes to projects that we have no idea how to finish. This isn’t “no idea” in a flippant general sense, but rather in the very specific, literal and absolute sense. In a lot of ways saying yes to these projects is akin to trailblazing […]

Always Be Brilliant

Vegetable Peeler Approach A vegetable peeler is meant to do one thing, cleanly remove the skins off all kinds of roots and tubers. It may also include a sharp point to dig out bad spots or eyes from the vegetable. The peeler does one job extremely well and in the simplest way possible.