Brand Strategy

We help brands become more connected as businesses. Our teams combine copywriters and visual designers with strategic expertise and experiential design. Our unique blend of thinking and making helps us understand and refine a brand’s vision. And at the end of our brand strategy process, we find our clients are more informed, more thoroughly tested, and better prepared for the connected age.

Brand Positioning

We develop brand strategies that implant unique and lasting impressions in your customer’s mind. Creating brand associations for customers that are specific and desirable, all while being distinctive within the competitive landscape.

Brand Architecture

We help smart brands outperform their competition and stand out from the crowd. Excellent brand architecture clarifies brand positioning within a larger company portfolio. Eliminating customer confusion and driving sales as a result.

Brand Naming & Visual Identity

Engagement & Activation

We encourage customers to form deep rational and emotional attachments to brands through engagement. This is an integral part of our proprietary Brand Belief™ process. Then we keep customers engaged with savvy campaigns and activation points. Building and nurturing a dedicated and loyal customer base.

Operational Integration

Organizational Consulting

We uncover insights that allow your organization to operate more efficiently and effectively. From organizational structure to software and process recommendations, we improve business operations.

In the News

December 3, 2020 in Articles

Why We Are Leaving Instagram for Our Own Photo Stream

Editorial Note: I posted a short thread about why RAVE is leaving Instagram to my personal Twitter page yesterday. However, I wanted to share more detail on the core ideas…
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October 3, 2019 in TrendLab

Here Comes the Wearable Tech Revolution

Here Comes the Wearable Tech Revolution Wearable tech isn’t anything new. We’ve had smart watches for years now and bluetooth headphones before that, With traditional versions of both of these…
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September 28, 2019 in Articles

Understanding and Leveraging Owned Media

Owned Media Overview Owned media comprises all of the channels that a brand exercises complete control over. This includes websites, blogs, email marketing newsletters, podcasts, apps, etc… These channels provides…
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