Website Design for Third Sun Solar

The Challenge

Facing new challengers in the alternative energy space, Third Sun Solar asked us to redesign their online presence from the ground up. In addition to a complete visual overhaul, the site needed to be responsive and mobile friendly. Additionally the site had to talk with their sales based CRM system and ultimately be tied into consumer analytics and marketing automation systems.


Throughout the design we expressed the core brand idea through light and shadow. Every photograph contains a main source of light, normally warm glowing rays of the sun. Subtle shadows appear on section breaks throughout the site, always with the light source at the top-right. We designed custom icons for the site which incorporate a slightly glassy surface (mimicking solar panel design) and reflections/shadows from a top-right light source.

Going beyond the surface, we incorporated their sales CRM deeply into the site architecture. Processes that had been manual were automated. For the first time their sales team was able to get automatic notices as soon as a potential lead expressed interest and was added to the CRM.


Previously leads generated through the Third Sun Solar website happened mostly on the weekends. Post launch they saw a dramatic increase in the amount of overall site traffic and direct lead generation throughout the entire week.

Third Sun Solar Website Design

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