Sendio Email Emergency Micro Campaign

Sendio Email Emergency Factsheet

The Challenge

The CEO of Sendio received a last minute opportunity to present at the FUND Conference with the added bonus that the company could include something into attendee gift bags.

The company didn’t have anything ready made, and we would have less than two weeks to deliver a concept that would stand out in the startup, investor, and entrepreneurial landscape.

The Execution

We initially presented two main concepts. The first was a more standard cybersecurity looking concept. The second one, our favorite, was based on airline safety flyers.

Along with the flyer we pitched a special landing page, social media content, and display ads (targeted at attendees of the conference).

The main challenge was the timeline and we quickly worked with a print partner to ensure that the special polymer paper (non-tearing) was available and the finished pieces could be overnighted in time if needed.

While lining up the printing logistics our designers were already busy creating all the illustrations for the main panels and messages. Within just three days, and over the course of 9 versions, we had finalized the main fact sheet and sent it off to the printer.

With the most pressing element done, and all graphics finalized, we launched into the creation of the micro campaign landing page and development of the social media and display ad graphics. The dedicated landing page was crucial because the URL was being printed on the info sheets.

Four days after the info sheet went to press, all remaining elements of the micro campaign were finished and scheduled for publication or launch.

Sendio Email Emergency Content Filtering Tweet
Sendio Email Emergency Ransomware Tweet

The Results

The physical print piece was a hit at the conference. The CEO reported that many people came up to him the day after his presentation and showed it off. There were requests to send additional copies from some attendees.

Moreover, the specially skinned landing page helped capture an influx of new leads from conference goers, leading to an increase in qualified leads on a month-over-month basis (and also as compared to the same time in the previous year). This was due in part to the display ad campaign that captured a number of non-attendees who were targeted by looking at conference related sites and searches.

The micro campaign was so successful that Sendio continued to keep the landing page live and gave out the info sheet for nearly a year afterward.