Rupaya Website Redesign

Client Overview

Rupaya is a cryptocurrency focused on providing payment solutions for South Asia.

The Challenge

Rupaya was in a unique position. They were a cryptocurrency with an actual use case, serving South Asia. However, they were surrounded by mediocre projects or scam coins. Additionally, many existing crypto projects used a very similar website template, and most of the copy on competing sites sounded nearly identical.

Rupaya was suffering from poor SEO and page rank. They had been using Medium to publish articles, which was part of the organic search ranking problem.


Rupaya needed a way to elevate and differential their platform from the junk. That started with a design that didn’t look like any other cryptocurrency sites. And continued with fresh copy that was designed to sound more like a bank or financial institution than a crypto project. Finally, the new site needed to provide real value and easily accessible, and insightful, information to anyone interested in the project.

We took inspiration from online banking sites and financial institutions. Special care was taken to populate the site with images that represented the growing and dynamic population of South Asia. Images on the home page were stylized to show movement and represent the speed of business. Custom icons were designed for CTA callout panels. Brand new copy was written for the entire site, bringing the brand voice in line with the core mission and vision of the founder.


After launching we saw a large increase in overall brand sentiment. Major partners began inviting Rupaya to participate in podcasts and interviews. Wallet downloads, now more forward facing, grew. Rupaya was invited to early launch rounds for Delta Direct and Blockfolio Signal (two cryptocurrency specific news publication services) before other similarly sized competitors.