IAM Robotics Website Refresh

The Challenge

IAM Robotics needed a full website refresh after several years of a languishing design. Additionally the new site needed to tightly integrate with their existing marketing and sales systems. They chose us both for our extensive experience working with high tech clients as well as our expertise in developing story driven websites that convert casual visitors into rabid customers and fans.

The Execution

After extensive research into the competitive landscape we identified a clear design path that highlighted the tech of the company without overwhelming visitors.

Wireframes and full page mockups gave us key insights into the customer journey through the site and allowed us to refine paths and reduce the number of clicks needed to get to the most vital parts of the website.

Video motion backgrounds gave additional life to the products while in-depth product pages provided enough detail for the technically savvy audience.

Our research on the best SEO terms for IAM Robotics provided the basis for a series of updates to past blog articles as well as the foundation for all new content being developed.

The navigation was tested and retested to find the optimal conversion path. The blog and company news was prominently displayed as thought leadership is a key part to the IAM Robotics platform.

The Results

In the months following the launch of the refreshed website IAM Robotics saw their domain authority rise along with the number of referring domains and their organic traffic.

Even more importantly, the number of highly qualified leads per month increased markedly as compared to the old website.