IAM Robotics Interactive Video

The Challenge

IAM Robotics tasked us with developing an interactive video that showcased their products in action within a warehouse environment for use in a trade show as well as on their website.

The video had to be interactive, with areas that could be touched (on tablet/mobile) or clicked on a desktop. In addition to navigating the virtual warehouse, users also needed to be able to call up relevant information about the area or product on screen.

Even more challenging, the entire experience needed to be built on a very short timeline. We had mere weeks before the trade show to build everything.

The Execution

After finalizing the main storyboard for all the actions and the scope of the virtual warehouse, the next step was determining a style for the animation that would fit within their brand. We shared a variety of color palettes and material options before settling on a soft pastel look that complimented the main brand colors and a matte looking material for a soft plastic feel.

A key element to the creative brief was that the products should be look close in form to the actual products but should be representational and not photorealistic. Because we weren’t going to be working from existing CAD models, our team got to work immediate and quickly designed all of the robots, as well as the full virtual warehouse environment. For reference we worked from photos and videos on real working warehouses.

The Results

The interactive piece was a hit with trade show attendees. IAM Robotics team members who worked the booth were able to quickly and easily provide virtual walkthroughs to visitors using their tablets.

Following the trade show the video was added to the main solutions page of the IAM Robotics website where visitors could walk themselves through the warehouse process. While it was active, the video received large amounts of traffic and dramatically increased site interaction metrics. Visitors glowed about the experience.