Haven Collective Logo Design

Project Details

Haven Collective was a completely new startup in the coworking space. They needed a logo that stood out among other local coworking brands, while representing their core beliefs.

The Challenge

Haven was in full startup mode when we began the logo design process. We were helping to formulate the brand identity for a company not yet fully realized.

Also, the coworking space within Columbus, Ohio was becoming increasingly crowded. So we had to create a logo that was not only unique to their vision of the future, but one that also clearly differentiated the Haven Collective brand from all other coworking companies. Both currently in the central Ohio region and national brands that were looking to move into the area.

The Results

A great deal of thought went into the final circular design and letterforms used. The swirls on the cross bar of the main ‘H’ form the letters ‘co’, which is shorthand for ‘Collective’, the second word in their name.

Haven Collective Logo Design


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