We designed the ‘2010 I’m a Child of Appalachia Writing Contest Booklet‘ for the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio. The booklet includes 132 winning essays and poems from 4th through 9th grade students challenged with the question, “if you could invent something, what would it be and what problem would it solve”.

The challenge we had to solve was how to present the information in the clearest possible layout while maintaining a whimsical nature that complimented the proposed inventions. We pitched the concept of hand drawn artwork that would showcase some of the inventions throughout the booklet. The look proposed was ‘finished rough sketch’, leaving the reader with the possibility that the student’s might have been writing the piece in conjunction with the illustrations. Teaming up with Doug McGuire for the illustration work allowed us to deliver on the creative concept in a big way. From concept to completion we designed the 42 page booklet with more than 30 illustrations in just a week and a half.



  • Tobias Roediger — Art Direction

  • Doug McGuire — Illustration