What We’re Reading: The End of Advertising

We’re reading (and loving) newly published The End Of Advertising by Andrew Essex. Essex, CEO of Tribeca Enterprises and former CEO of Droga5, tackles the question of what is next in our industry. Its a great addition to our weekly trend conversations. It gets us thinking about what we can do to navigate the end […]

More Emotional Intelligence Makes Better Employees

Some lucky people have a higher emotional intelligence (EQ) naturally, but the rest of us have some work to do. According to TalentSmart President Dr. Travis Bradberry, we could all use some emotional intelligence improvement. With that improvement comes a pay raise. Those with higher EQ make an estimated $29,000 more than those who don’t. […]

Time Capsules in a Digital World

Time Capsule

Trending in news this week, was the bomb scare turned time capsule discovery. Dug up between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, the green practice bomb was filled with papers and photos and owned by John Argento and Danceteria nightclub. Which got us thinking about what we’d put in our own time capsule. Normally time capsules are […]

Two New Options for Finding Fonts and Typography

New independent type foundry XYZ is generating quite the buzz. A fun interactive website, plus free trials on the fonts. And if you’re feeling like their Export font is a little odd, designer Jesse Ragan agrees, saying “Life is more fun when we take advantage of opportunities to use a weird face, right?” Not so […]

How Ethical is AI Usage In the Advertising World?

Ethics of using Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Advertising

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the fast track to becoming a big part of our everyday lives. AI can collect, understand, and analyze data faster than any human. As advertisers, we can use this information to understand our target audiences better and market to them more effectively. Learning more and more about our consumers eventually […]

Blockchain and Programmatic Advertising

Blockchain for Programmatic AdvertisingOn Tuesday, IBM iX discussed blockchain and programmatic at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. For those of you who don’t know, blockchain is a ledger of transactions that's trackable [...]

Red Lemon Club Blog Well Worth Following

We highly recommend the blog Red Lemon Club for a strong dose of creative refreshment and inspiration. Author and illustrator Alex Mathers shares ideas on how to make the most of creative potential and stand out from the crowd. Like a red lemon.