Über Connected I’m a technogeek and am rarely out of the reach of a high-speed connection of one kind or another. This means that I’m always connected through email, phones, instant messenger, sms, rss, social networking websites…

3 Productivity Tools We Use

We do a wide spectrum of projects so I’m not going to expound on every software package we use for for film compositing or logo design. Instead I’ve listed 3 productivity tools that we use on a daily basis to keep us creative, focused and in the loop.

Your Creative Environment – Part 2

Light It The kind of light you choose is the most important factor here. Of course you want to get pretty looking fixtures for your creative environment, but carefully consider what kind of bulbs you will be using before popping the cute lamps in your cart as some types of bulbs don’t work in fixtures […]

Your Creative Environment – Part 1

Un-stack and De-pile When in the middle of a project, piles and stacks seem to bloom and grow almost spontaneously throughout your creative environment. The biggest offenders are the magazines that apparently spawn new additions while sitting in the corner unread. Periodic filing or trashing of things that you won’t get to can decrease stress […]


Playtime is the part of the day that you spend exploring and not “working”. Used properly this time can be some of the best and most productive of your day.

Free Ain’t Free

Everything carries a cost, even things touted as free. I visited a company’s site this morning to view their latest, very cool, commercial.

Less Talkie, More Workie

Actual Action Recently I’ve had the incredibly good fortune to work on a couple projects that contained no oversight of the creative process. Up front the communication goals were determined leaving the execution of the project up to my team.

Sleepless Dream

Goals We love working with creative people. This past weekend we took the opportunity to work on a series of wacky promotional videos for  Central Avenue promoting a new Saturday night service with a bunch of our friends.

Local Advertising Consistently Lacks Polish

Curiously I’ve always been shocked at the low production values, and usually writing, that goes into local advertising. Market size doesn’t seem to matter, even in major metro areas local advertising consistently lacks polish are just as poorly conceived and executed as advertising in small town markets.

Give Your Digital Filing System a Complete Physical

Complete Physical In an earlier post we talked about cleaning off your digital desktop, this time we’re going to look at how you can give your digital filing system a complete physical. We’ll be basing this around projects and clients, but will a little imagination you can port this over to your heaps of photos and that […]