Why We Are Leaving Instagram for Our Own Photo Stream

Leaving Instagram

Editorial Note: I posted a short thread about why RAVE is leaving Instagram to my personal Twitter page yesterday. However, I wanted to share more detail on the core ideas behind our decision. So this article was born. Basic Background As the leader of our marketing firm/advertising agency I continually look for exploitable thought gaps, […]

Understanding and Leveraging Owned Media

Understanding and leveraging owned media

Owned Media Overview Owned media comprises all of the channels that a brand exercises complete control over. This includes websites, blogs, email marketing newsletters, podcasts, apps, etc… These channels provides customers a way to interact with brands through content that is unique, and enables brands direct access to their audience. If you want to lead […]

Farewell Jared

Farewell Jared

Today we mourn the passing of Jared Vorkavich, my original co-founder of RAVE, and one of the best people I’ve ever known. I met Jared in college at Ohio University. He was a video production major while I was studying audio production. We initially met because, in a gigantic lecture hall on some introductory topic […]

Columbus Foundation: Inaugural Columbus True Originals Award

Columbus Foundation - 2019 Columbus True Originals

Congrats to all the recipients of the inaugural Columbus Foundation “Columbus True Originals” award! A couple of our team members were lucky enough to be at the event as part of the Save The Crew delegation. More on those efforts in a moment. Honorees included: Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams; David […]

RAVE Poster Series Wins Silver at 2017 Columbus ADDYs

RAVE wins a Silver ADDY

We are pleased to announce that our internal poster campaign series ‘The Big Move’ won a Silver ADDY at the 2017 Columbus American Advertising Awards. We created the poster series to announce our office move and expansion to friends, clients and the media in mid 2017. This project was the culmination of a several month’s long […]

It’s been gold, PyeongChang.

Olympic Rings

The olympics are about waaaaay more than just sports. Obviously. So, as the games wrap up, we thought we’d wrap up all the non-sports stuff for all the advertisers, designers, and tech geeks in the room.  Branding The simplistic symbols represent both the alphabet and theme of the events. The box element representing the “P” […]

Have no fear, Instagram scheduling is here!

Instagram scheduling from Sprout Social

You guys, this is huge Instagram news. Instagram recently announced a change to its API – which will now allow businesses to schedule posts, see public posts that they are tagged or mentioned in, and view other business profiles. Post scheduling is limited to single image posts and isn’t directly available with Instagram itself – […]

TrendLab Report – August

Reading: The rules of Muchkin. Over and over…and over again Listening: The Hobbit on Audiobook, and Beast Epic -Iron&Wine Watching: Ozark and the solar eclipse! Hating: The end of summer Attending: Rise&Design, AAF Happy Hour: Beers with your Peers, Columbus Crew Games Excited for: Advertising Week

B2B Marketing Strategy Tips

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is hard, right? Actually, B2B marketing is not as difficult as one might think. Knowing your customer’s journey is beneficial when tackling a B2B marketing strategy. Customers first become aware of a product via marketing campaigns, leading to their interest. During the interest stage, potential customers start to learn about the company and […]