Haven Collective Logo Design

Haven Collective Logo Design

Project Details Haven Collective was a completely new startup in the coworking space. They needed a logo that stood out among other local coworking brands, while representing their core beliefs. The Challenge Haven was in full startup mode when we began the logo design process. We were helping to formulate the brand identity for a […]

RAVE Becomes Social Media Agency Partner with Sprout Social

A couple years ago we searched for the perfect social media tool. We trialed a slew of possibilities including Buffer and Hootsuite. However none of the platforms we tried met our exacting standards, until we tried Sprout Social. Due to the varied nature of our client list, the sheer number of profiles we managed on […]

How Ethical is AI Usage In the Advertising World?

Ethics of using Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Advertising

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the fast track to becoming a big part of our everyday lives. AI can collect, understand, and analyze data faster than any human. As advertisers, we can use this information to understand our target audiences better and market to them more effectively. Learning more and more about our consumers eventually […]

Blockchain and Programmatic Advertising

Blockchain for Programmatic AdvertisingOn Tuesday, IBM iX discussed blockchain and programmatic at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. For those of you who don’t know, blockchain is a ledger of transactions that's trackable [...]

RAVE TrendLab Launched

RAVE TrendLab Announced

Today we are thrilled to announce the official launch of TrendLab, RAVE’s trendspotting effort focused on the convergence of culture, technology and design. Use our site to discover articles and insights on trends and stay abreast of how they will disrupt businesses in the future. Is your organization ready for what’s next? This is a […]

Red Lemon Club Blog Well Worth Following

We highly recommend the blog Red Lemon Club for a strong dose of creative refreshment and inspiration. Author and illustrator Alex Mathers shares ideas on how to make the most of creative potential and stand out from the crowd. Like a red lemon.

B2B Marketing Strategy Tips

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is hard, right? Actually, B2B marketing is not as difficult as one might think. Knowing your customer’s journey is beneficial when tackling a B2B marketing strategy. Customers first become aware of a product via marketing campaigns, leading to their interest. During the interest stage, potential customers start to learn about the company and […]

Why Your Brand Should Hire a Micro Influencer

Micro Influencer

The typical micro influencer is a female millennial. She’s between the ages of 18 and 34 with 2,000 – 5,000 followers on Instagram. However, micro influencers could have up to 10,000 followers. She uses social media platforms to build her personal brand and her top passions include fashion, beauty, travel, and fitness. This millennial female […]

Native Advertising – Not As New As You Think

Native Advertising

The marketing and advertising world is ever changing. We’re constantly keeping up with current trends while also predicting what the next big thing will be. Marketers have found that consumers don’t like advertisements that try too hard to sell to them. When consumers don’t feel like they’re being sold to, they’re more likely to interact and […]

The Big Move Poster Series

Big Move poster series

The Details RAVE’s original offices were housed in founder Tobias Roediger’s basement. So nine years later—and several offices later—as we prepared to move all the way up to the 22nd floor of our new home in the heart of downtown Columbus we just had to commemorate the moment in a big way. We created four […]