Über Connected

I’m a technogeek and am rarely out of the reach of a high-speed connection of one kind or another. This means that I’m always connected through email, phones, instant messenger, sms, rss, social networking websites… It is possible to be so connected that you don’t actually get any work done. If you find that you constantly feel the need to check in on your phone or email, you are likely creating busy work. And are overly connected.

Planned Outages

Over the next couple weeks I’m going to be trying out a new technique of planned outages similar to what jv has been doing for sometime. A planned outage means that you shut off all the incoming attention grabbers for a couple hours, then spend 15 minutes checking and responding if need be. There is no rule that says that you have to respond to an email within 20 seconds, or even 20 minutes.

Brain Scatter

Having a tendency to think, “Ooh shiny!” at new things has its uses. However when working on a project, a constant flow of new information tends to be more disruptive than useful. Planning times where I can concentrate on making awesome, useful stuff should keep things more energized.