We love working with creative people. This past weekend we took the opportunity to work on a series of wacky promotional videos for  Central Avenue promoting a new Saturday night service with a bunch of our friends. The goal was to start Friday night at 8PM and finish one of the videos by 8AM Sunday so it could be played at the early service. There was very little sleep to be had, we scripted, shot and edited 3 videos in 36 hours.


Despite the tight timeline the creative juices were flowing and we kicked though the creative process remarkably quickly. Props to everyone who worked on the project. Friday night, starting at 8PM, the group came up with the main story idea during a couple hours of brainstorming. We then spit up into small groups each responsible for one of the three story lines, the deadline for that phase was 45 minutes which each group met. By 1:30 or 2 AM the scripts were finished and the crew headed off for a couple hours of rest. Just 24 hours later we were finished, easily beating the 8 AM Sunday morning delivery for the first video.


Even now that the project is nearly wrapped there is a flurry of new activity, brainstorming additional promotional materials that could hook into the videos and encourage attendance. Including a dedicated webpage which will provide downloads of desktop wallpapers and the three finished videos. The very cool thing is this project quickly morphed into a mini, local, viral campaign.