Actual Action

Recently I’ve had the incredibly good fortune to work on a couple projects that contained no oversight of the creative process. Up front the communication goals were determined leaving the execution of the project up to my team. The results far exceeded the initial expectations for the project and, in one case, spawned additional valuable pieces that naturally flowed from the uninhibited freedom we were given.


I’m thrilled about this because there is a disease circulating where ideas are discussed to death rather than just being done. Committees hold meetings to determine the “right” way to accomplish tasks that would have taken less time to do than the meeting took to set up. Sometimes meetings can be useful (in a purely theoretical sense, based upon a yet unfounded utopian society…) but 99% of the time they are a huge waste of air. Meetings require people to have an agenda which in turn forces them to have a position to defend rather than being free to agree with solutions that will work.


While other people are busy talking about doing something, go out and actually do it (and sometimes while they are still scheduling the room and voting on who will bring snacks). There is a huge release in doing something big with out all the bureaucratic nonsense. If that requires being too much of a rebel for you, go out and do a project for the heck of it, no strings attached. You’ll be glad you did.