Just Say Yes

As a regular habit we choose to just say yes to projects that we have no idea how to finish. This isn’t “no idea” in a flippant general sense, but rather in the very specific, literal and absolute sense. In a lot of ways saying yes to these projects is akin to trailblazing a new path. You know what equipment you have, who is going and what the goal is but territory ahead is uncertain. Tackling the unknown is a great way to stretch current skills and build new ones.

Be Flexible, Not Foolish

Just taking on projects that are beyond the scope of anything your have done before isn’t enough. In order to succeed every undertaking must be well thought out, it is important to know when knowledge can be gained or skills can be learned within the confines of the deadline. Knowing how far to push the envelope can only be proved by ripping through it once and a while.

The N Word

Learning to say no is OK. There are times when a project doesn’t make sense, has an unreasonable timeline or involves too steep a learning curve. Don’t be afraid to pass on things that can’t be done brilliantly.