The Facebook Story

Recently we posted a New Years update to our Facebook business page which was viewed by a whopping 1% of our fans (6 in total) over the course of 5 days. Ever since Facebook added the option to Boost Posts, the organic reach of our content has completely died.

In the months before Facebook added the Boost Post option our content would typically reach between 10–40% of our fans which made it a useful medium for relaying company updates and news.

About a year ago we launched a small campaign to increase our awareness on Facebook, and we purchased Facebook ads to accomplish that goal. Our fan base increased just over 1,000% within a couple months, which we considered to be a success. Those gains have been rendered completely useless and our ad dollars wasted since we need to spend more boosting posts every time we have a bit information to share.

The LinkedIn Angle

Now, lets compare how that same New Years updated played out when posted to our company LinkedIn page posted at the exact same time. To date the number of impressions for that update has been in excess of 440% of our follower count. In other words, that same update has been seen nearly 4 times for each follower we have versus the 1 time for every 100 fans we have on Facebook. The interesting bit is we have far fewer followers on LinkedIn, yet our information is more readily available.

We will still post to Facebook, with the same regularity as all of our social media endeavors, however we will no longer count on any great results in that category and have already begun to shift marketing dollars toward LinkedIn (also with stellar results).