Vegetable Peeler Approach

A vegetable peeler is meant to do one thing, cleanly remove the skins off all kinds of roots and tubers. It may also include a sharp point to dig out bad spots or eyes from the vegetable. The peeler does one job extremely well and in the simplest way possible.

Did You Pack The Wine?

Unless I’m planning on getting lost in the wilderness with a case of cabernet or a horde of canned goods I don’t really see the point of the swiss army knife approach to design. Sure its über-cool to say you have 93 blades, an electric can opener, a complete fly fishing rod (and flies), a tooth pick and a cork screw in one handy package, but how often do you actually utilize all those gadgets? Too often our devices and software packages attempt to be the ultimate in convergence tools and fail miserably.

Vegetable Peeler Software

Recently we’ve been turning to single-purpose, razor-sharp devices and software packages that do one job brilliantly. They tend to be much simpler to learn than the all-in-one things and they don’t struggle to be too clever, attempting to guess what I may want in the future. “It appears you are making a list…”