Today we are thrilled to announce the official launch of TrendLab, RAVE’s trendspotting effort focused on the convergence of culture, technology and design. Use our site to discover articles and insights on trends and stay abreast of how they will disrupt businesses in the future.

Is your organization ready for what’s next? This is a question that we ask our clients all the time. Preparing for the future requires spending time thinking about and analyzing trends to spot emerging patterns and cultural currents.

Finding inspiration from everywhere around the world has always been an important part of our process. TrendLab formalizes our vision for a completely interconnected world. Once a week our team gathers for a rapid-fire exchange on new, interesting trends that we’ve spotted in the world. Everyone is expected to bring at least one item to the table each week.

We aren’t looking for advertising or marketing trends exclusively. The goal is to uncover what is moving our culture. Undiscovered movements in music, fashion, technology, memes and interior decorating are all fair topics. Discoveries can be serious, silly or just plain weird. There is only real rule, everything presented must showcase a burgeoning or future trend.

Be sure to follow along as we discover and discuss what the future looks like.