For those of you who have followed along from the founding of RAVE in 2006, you know that one of our guiding principles is ‘Go big or go home’. In this instance we decided to go really, really big.

Why an office building?

Plenty of people have asked why we’d want to move out of our cozy creative loft. Especially why we’d transition into a highrise bank building. Talk about going corporate!

First, as a full-service agency we need to be able to accommodate our full slate of services in-house. We’ve been growing like mad over the past 2 years and available loft type office space is tight. Our new space in the Chase Tower at 100 E Broad Street opens up the possibility for ongoing growth, without changing addresses every two to three years.

Second, our business is continuing to change at a frenetic pace. Data is becoming an increasingly important part of what we do. All good advertising agencies and marketing firms will need to invest heavily in data acquisition, analysis and intelligence. None of the ‘creative spaces’ that we looked at had the ability to tap into fiber optic networks without quite a bit of renovation and capital expense. In the Chase Tower we are sitting directly on a fiber optic line.

Third, we wanted to be downtown. There are amazing restaurants and shops all over the place and we are just minutes from anywhere else in town.

Finally, I believe that the idea of a creative building is a misnomer. If you can’t be creative wherever you are, are you really creative? Same goes for strategy and branding. You’re either great at those skills or you aren’t. The building shell has very little to do with how you perform. As with many things, it’s the inside that counts. And that’s going to be amazing. We can’t wait to show it off.